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Appointment Scheduling

Cobra5 features robust appointment scheduling functionality.

Color Coding

Appointments are color coded based on each estimator’s assigned color.


EMail notifications are sent to the customer when the appointment is created. A reminder is also sent 48 hours before scheduled appointment.

Multiple Views

The calendar allows users to view by day, week, month, or agenda listing.

Additional Information about Appointments


Easily create professional looking estimates using the information already entered on the appointment.

Email to Customer

Estimates can be printed or automatically emailed to the customer as an attached PDF document.


Attached photographs, drawings, documents and spreadsheets directly to the estimate.


After an estimate has been submitted to the customer, automatic reminders can be sent thanking the customer or reminding them the estimate is outstanding.

Additional Information about Estimates


Once a customer accepts the estimate and wants to start a job, you can quickly create a job from an estimate without having to re-enter any information. You can specify the date and time the job is going to start, and it will automatically appear on the Job calendar.


Jobs can be created directly from the estimate which eliminates double entry and minimizes errors.


Record customer deposits and payments and related payment information for a job.


Specify days and crew that are needed for the job. The Job calendar is segmented by job types.


Specify if the job requires permits. Also, keep track of the status of permit acquisition to make sure you don’t start a job without a permit. The permit dashboard displays all of the jobs that require permits.

Utility Markings

If the job requires outside digging, you can specify if the utility companies need to mark the job location to prevent damage. Much like permits, there is a dashboard that helps make sure utility markings are ordered ahead of the job.


Include dispatch instructions on the job to detail what equipment, tools and crew are required for the job. A job ticket can be printed to communicate job details to the crew.

Additional Information about Jobs


Dashboards connect users with critical information and data at-a-glance.

Estimator Dashboard

Estimators can view their upcoming appointments and jobs at a glance. Dial the customer or view the map location with a click.

Permits Dashboard

View all of the upcoming jobs that require permits. Once obtained, the job can be updated directly from the dashboard.

Utility Markings Dashboard

View all of the upcoming jobs that need to have utility markings ordered at a glance. Once ordered, the job can be updated directly from the dashboard.

Additional Information about Dashboards

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